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There is no I in team

Well, if we are to believe the inspirational quotes on Pinterest. But, despite the fact there actually is an ‘I’ in GI, we’re a close, multidisciplinary team that likes to work together and get the best out of each other. Every GI-member has his or her own expertise(s), so we know exactly how to make use of each other’s strengths. That ensures we always have a good sparring partner, and we continuously build on each other’s ideas. Whether it concerns a client project or the next unforgettable day trip with the team.

A strong team is at the heart of everything we do, along with the curiosity to discover everything we don’t know yet. Therefore, weighty subjects and complex matter suit us perfectly. Because as soon as we’re allowed to dive into a new market, marketing chain and associated target groups, we’re unstoppable. Let’s just say it’s a strong case of ‘knowledge is power’, combined with genuine interest. This doesn’t only apply to the work we make, but also when it comes to personal development.

The power of personal development within GI
Getting better and better at what you do, wanting to surpass yourself by growing continuously. That’s what all GI members have in common, and it’s the reason why you have a so-called ‘BILA’ with your superior every 6 weeks. This is the time to talk about where you want to go, things you encounter along the way, or who you want to be when you grow up ;-) From there, we determine concrete development points together, so you can grow in a targeted manner and get the best out of yourself!

Smells like GI spirit
Besides hard work, great fun and personal development, there’s a ton of other stuff we do as a team at GI. For example, we believe in the famous ‘vrijmibo’ (Dutch for Friday Night Drinks), you can participate in a weekly bootcamp or yoga session, we have a team trip at least twice a year and we celebrate everything (literally EVERYTHING) with chocolate, cake, cookies and anything else that doesn’t fit the #fitgirl or #fitboy lifestyle. Okay, true, there’s always fruit available too, if you insist on a bit of balance.

Is it GI you’re looking for?
Yeah? Then we might be looking for you too! Do you get all excited about brands with complex content so you can convert it into surprising work that you can keep talking about at parties? Then we’re not sure why you’re still reading this… Apply! That way, we know you exist, we can see if you fit in with GI and we can invite you for an interview. We’d love to hear your side of the story. Is it a possible match? Then you’re in for a trial day to see if GI suits you and the other way around! It’s like dating, just with an entire team.