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We’re GI, the creative branding agency full of content crazy professionals who love complex matter, challenging issues and versatile markets to wrap their heads around.

Call us info-junkies, lovers of complex, high-end content or ‘B2B storytelling’ nerds...yup, that's us. As an independent creative branding agency (for over 30 years!), we like to really understand a brand, the chain, market and target groups. That way, we can discover the difference that really creates a difference (something that truly distinguishes a brand from the competition). We use that to develop strong, recognizable B2B brands (although we also love to take on a B2C challenge!). This means we can now tell you everything about which animal by-products are suitable for feeding farmed fish, which coatings can be found on your window frames and your shoes, what the crispy layer around your fries is made of, and how you can convert a mattress into a circular product. This is what occupies and excites our (international) customers, and therefore also us, as a creative branding agency.  

The agency that combines
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As a creative branding agency, we always want to deliver good work. Work that surprises you in a creative way and is measurable at the same time, no matter how challenging or complicated your market may be. That’s why, for each project, we bring the right GI-experts to the table. From strategy to concept, design and elaboration: they take the result to a higher level. But what about when specialist knowledge is required, for example when it comes to developing an online tool or optimizing your technical SEO? Then, our regular partners join in. Partners like our brother a.k.a. digital natives Not on Paper, a group of hardcore nerds who can build any online custom solutions you can think of. Or we make some space at the table for external experts in online performance, or other partners that our clients like to work with. This way we stay flexible as we combine creative expertise with the support of numbers, instead of gut feeling. Basically we put the strongest team together, then manage it skillfully to achieve the result we're all after!

Our picture-perfect professionals

Team GI is a happy bunch and the coolest in Eindhoven – or even the Netherlands. A creative branding agency full of job-loving professionals, specialized in different disciplines, who work as a team to create brands that last.

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