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A shift in brand position: from supplier of fries to partner

A tasty challenge, in which a clear brand message and ‘practice what you preach’ are the central focus points.

Did someone say “fries”?

Then you’ve got our attention! At GI, it’s even the favorite choice for the ‘GI party lunch’ on Fridays. So, when Lamb Weston / Meijer, international supplier of fries and potato products, asked if we wanted to participate in a pitch for the positioning of the brand, the answer was “YES!” But make no mistake: when it comes to the distinctiveness of the brand in the market, there is much more to fries than meets the eye! That was exactly what became the basis of our proposal, which grew into an all-encompassing brand campaign.

Brand strategy & identity

From supplier to partner

Lamb Weston / Meijer is one of the largest producers of French fries and potato products in the world. They supply so-called Quick Service Restaurants, like McDonald’s and Burger King, but also casual dining outlets, such as eateries, cafeterias and other catering establishments. However, Lamb Weston / Meijer does much more than just supply the tastiest products. They support their customers where they can, with everything from advice to inspiration. So, a shift from supplier to partner. But how do you convey this, as a brand, to your (potential) customers?

Concepting & design

Your Partner in Potatoes

This shift from supplier to partner fits in perfectly with the campaign pay-off ‘Your partner in potatoes’, which GI developed and which scored a full 100% in market research, as being recognizable for the target group. This immediately formed the basis for a completely new positioning. And in terms of imagery? Well, we used photography to ensure there’s always a visible connection between a Lamb Weston Meijer employee and the target group. In this way, the partnership idea is shown in both images and in copy.

Capturing your brand message in a key visual ensures that you communicate your story visually too. That comes in handy when you consider that people are much more receptive to images compared to text!

Campaigns & content creation

Being online, continuously

After developing the brand strategy and the concept, we looked at possible resources to match the pre-delivered personas. These professional resources were supposed to put Lamb Weston on the map, and, of course, needed to support the ‘Your partner in potatoes’ idea. However, we didn’t start with the external communication, but wanted to focus on the internal customer first, for whom we developed a toolkit. After all, starting on the inside, is winning on the outside.

After everyone was informed internally, the brand campaign went live. This involves pushing content throughout the year on various social channels to convey the story of Lamb Weston Meijer and the partnership idea.

By developing high-end content that offers real added value for the target group, you claim your authority as a brand and so strengthen your position in the market.

This also includes specific theme-related content, with subject-specific downloads. We took care of the copy and design, to ensure it perfectly matched the brand identity and the overarching story. This is also the case with Lamb Weston / Meijer’s biannual foodservice magazine Eat This! From the very first edition, GI has been responsible for all copy and design of the magazine, in which we interview both customers and non-customers of Lamb Weston / Meijer about their experiences, tips and the importance of partnerships in a demanding market.

Marketing Automation

From a separate campaign to a part of Marketing Automation

Of course, we also made sure that the brand campaign became a part of the Marketing Automation flow, where various resources ensure a continuous flow of high-end content. This content connects the target group to the brand and further nourishes the idea of partnership. Additionally, it helps all marketeers in pushing product campaigns to specific parts of the target group. In short: it’s the perfect tool to deliver potential leads to sales and a great way to join forces.

Measurable results


The brand campaign ‘Your Partner in Potatoes’ has been live since the 7th of August 2020, and the results are crispy, to stay in fry-vocabulary. And we’re proud of that!

Eat This! Magazine downloads

Since the start of Eat This! Magazine downloads have increased by more than 55%.


With the brand campaign we've already reached 1,504,860 people in our target group.

Engagement rate

Thanks to a strong brand presence online, product campaigns have been strengthened further. That resulted in 144 leads for a specific lead generation campaign for coated fries. A perfect partnership between brand and product!

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