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Integrated campaigns & content creation:
the secret to true connections

With a campaign that hits exactly the right note you can make a valuable connection with your target group(s). Having spot on professional content helps you to claim authority within the market.

Creating the right, high-end content and deploying it in the most effective way, that’s what we do at GI. Curious to know how? Keep reading...

Content creation to make a difference

Reaching your target audience is a constant game of push and pull. Creating the right content that excites and surprises time and again is a challenge. Especially when it comes to professional content for a complex market, in-depth material or a specific technical target group. Here, a ‘beautiful picture’ is just not going to cut it. High quality content, that’s what makes the difference: intended for translating brand strategies, visions and market trends, putting an unknown industry or technology on the map, and for a niche target group that’s looking for specialist knowledge.

Strong copy and content from carefully curated sources

Translating complex professional content into exactly what the target group needs is the secret to a valuable connection. A 360 degree approach is essential here, from sharply written whitepapers in every language, trend reports, newsletters, articles and stories, to banners, animations and infographics, but also brochures, POS material, trade fairs and so on. Both online and offline, these must reinforce each other and provide the right information at the right time. Of course, all of these must also be linked to a clear concept and be executed with a distinctive design.

Reach the right audiences with effective campaigns

When developing the right, high-end content, it’s important to know when (and how!) it will be used. You can create the perfect content, but if your target group doesn’t see it, it has no effect. To ensure that our content is always effective, we work with different models that reflect different phases of the customer journey. Knowing which message is important gives you the tools to effectively reach your target group(s) with content they really need.

Of course, the result must not only be good, it must also be measurable. How has the high-end content really performed? And what concrete result are we working towards? To ensure this runs smoothly, we develop clear KPIs together, at the start of each campaign. We can adjust and optimize this, so we can continuously activate the target group to interact with your brand. Of course, SEO and SEA optimization, based on extensive keyword research, is indispensable. It’s the foundation of a clear content and campaign strategy.

Make content work in a Marketing Automation flow

Once created, high-end content fits seamlessly with your Marketing Automation flow. Haven’t got one yet? Then we’d be happy to help you set one up from scratch. As soon as it’s available, authoritative newsletters and mailings, (industry-related) whitepapers, trend reports and articles, infographics and animations will further connect your target group(s) to your brand and strengthen your brand credibility.

Curious about how we can develop high-end content for your brand?

We get that, and we’re happy to explain it to you! No subject is too complex, no target group is too specific, and no niche is too small. We’re convinced that, together with you, we can create the right content. Content your target group is actually waiting for, and which, thanks to a cross-media approach, can’t be ignored.

Cases with rock-solid content creation, captured in integrated campaigns:

One 4 Leather - Knowledge hub & community building

Auping - Awareness campaign