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Concepting & design
translating the brand strategy to the target group

Get your target audience involved by creating a world that shows you understand them. Convince them with a strong piece of concepting that sticks and an impressive design they can’t ignore.

Translating strong concepting into an equally strong design requires experience and creativity. Curious how we approach this? Read more below!

The importance of a distinctive communication concept that sticks

A simple but distinctive communication concept is an indispensable ingredient for an effective campaign. It’s the umbrella to all content, the perfect translation of your proposition or the answer to your dilemma. To achieve this, your communication concept must be spot on, which means it undoubtedly has to suit your brand, and isn’t interchangeable for any of your competitors. It has to get stuck in people's heads and it has to have the power to stay there. If it contains that power, the right concept gives your brand a giant boost. And that’s exactly what you want.

The power of free-of-means concepting with effective design

Developing a brilliant communication concept stands or falls by the richness of it. That’s why, at GI, we think it’s really important to develop such a concept independent of any particular media, with a 360-degree mindset. This means we don’t think in terms of online and offline (does that even still exist?) but in terms of a ‘hook’ that can be used in any situation. The logical next step is to translate this into a design. This adds a visual element to the story and enriches your overarching brand strategy and identity. It’s also the basis for all your communication. In short: the connecting factor between everything.

A smart team-up with copy

Good concepting, in combination with smart design, conveys emotion to the target group. Recognition, clarification, understanding: you name it. Good copy reinforces this message even more. We strongly believe that a good image combined with the right copy creates a ‘1+1=3’ effect. And that is exactly the basis of effective content creation and emotive storytelling. Coincidentally, it's something we’re good at too!

Looking for a distinctive communication concept and/or surprising design?

You're in the right place! It's what our team of conceptual thinkers and designers do every day - not only story-telling but story-selling! Once you make that leap, it's game on!

Cases with a strong piece of concepting & design:

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